Ranchi Smart City Corporation Ltd.

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited, hereby referred to as RSCCL, has decided to make sale of Land through online for ward e?Auction mode. RSCCL has decided for ward auction; e?payment integrated gateway, Bidder management etc. Please go through the guidelines given below.

Unless repugnant to the context, or explained by any other way, the following terms shall imply, for the purposes of these rules, as follows:

  • “Act” means the Jharkhand Municipal Act, 2011 including all its amendments as may be notified by the State Government from time to time;

1.2. “Agency” means a business or organization providing a particular service on behalfof another business, person, or group;  

1.3. “Allotment” means the transfer of ownership and/or the grant of rights of usage of any property by RSCCL to allottee for any purpose(s) as may be specified by RSCCL, or as may be determined jointly between such person and RSCCL in  accordance with the applicable laws in force;

1.4. “Allottee” means a person:

(i) in whose name an allotment has been made by RSCCL;

(ii) to whom the ownership rights and/or the rights associated with the use ofsuch land and/or any other fixed asset(s) for a specified purpose has beenaccorded by RSCCL;

1.5. “Annual Lease Rent” means the consideration levied by RSCCL from an allotteefor the rights associated with the use of such land and/or any other fixed asset(s)for a specified purpose as agreed between the allottee and RSCCL, but excludingstatutory levies as may be applicable under prevailing law;

1.6. “Apartment Ownership Act” means the Jharkhand Apartment (Regulation &Ownership) Act, 2011 including all amendments as may be notified by theGovernment from time to time;

1.7. "Appropriate Government" means the Government of India or Government ofJharkhand, as the case may be;

1.8. “Auction Committee” means the committee constituted for the purpose of settingup pre-qualification criteria for applicants and conduct of auction for land and otherfixed assets under these rules;

1.9. “Base Price” means the price which is fixed by RSCCL for the purpose of this rule;

1.10. “Board” means Board of Directors of RSCCL;

1.11. “Commercial use” shall mean the use of any land and/or building for purposesdefined in section 13.1.3. of this rule;

1.12. “Companies Act” means the Companies Act, 1956/2013 including all itsamendments made from time to time as may be notified by the Government fromtime to time;

1.13. "Competent Authority" means an Authority notified by the Government ofJharkhand and/or Government of India;

1.14. “Compoundable Violation” means a violation which can be compounded aftercompensating RSCCL, and/or the concerned Public Authority;

1.15. "External Development Works" include roads and road systems, landscaping,water supply, sewerage and drainage systems, electricity supply, transformer,electric sub-stations, solid waste management system and disposal or any otherinfrastructure works which may have to be executed by RSCCL for a project, asmay be provided under the local laws or as required;

1.16. “FAR”-Floor Area Ratio as defined in Jharkhand Building Bye laws 2016 (JBBL);

1.17. “Freehold Sale” means the sale in which property and title is transferred to theallottee upon successful payment of full Offer Price after allotment in stipulatedtime period;

1.18. “GRIHA”, refers to Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment including all itsamendments as may be notified from time to time;

1.19. “Institutional Use” shall mean the use of any land and/or building for purposesdefined in section 13.1.1. of this rule;

1.20. “JBBL” refers to Jharkhand Building Bye Laws, 2016 including all its amendmentsas notified by the Government from time to time;

1.21. “Joint Development Agreement” means an arrangement between RSCCL and oneor more person(s), who have agreed to jointly develop or re-develop or retrofit anyplot(s) or building(s);

1.22. “Land” means the land or any plot thereof which is acquired by, vested in, orbelonging to the RSCCL including the land allotted under these Rules;

1.23. “LARR Act” means The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in LandAcquisition, Rehabilitation & Resettlement Act, 2013, including all its amendmentsas notified by the Government from time to time;

1.24. “Lease” shall have the meanings assigned to them under section 105 of theTransfer of Property Act, 1982;

1.25. “Leasehold basis” means the right to hold or use property for a fixed period of timeat a given price, without transfer of ownership, on the basis of a lease contract, asindicated in section 10 of this rule;

1.26. “Lessee” shall have the meanings assigned to them under section 105 of theTransfer of Property Act, 1982;

1.27.“Market Price” shall have the same meaning as “Market Price” in section 26 of theLARR Act;

1.28. “Mixed Use” shall mean the use of any land and/or building for purposes definedin section 13.1.5. of this rule;

1.29. “Municipal Corporation” means the Municipal Corporation of Ranchi, establishedunder the Jharkhand Municipal Act, 2011;

1.30. “Non-Compoundable Violation” means a violation which cannot be compounded;

1.31. “Offer Price” means the final price payable by the allottee to RSCCL;

1.32. “Payment against demand letter” shall mean any consideration, which may belevied by RSCCL on any allottee for any asset where such levy has been agreedto in the terms of allotment, prior to granting possession of land and/or building(s)or such other assets to the allottee;  

1.33. “Person” for the purpose of these rules includes, —

(i) an Individual;

(ii) a Hindu Undivided Family;

(iii) a Company as defined under Companies Act, 1956/2013;

(iv) a Firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 or the Limited LiabilityPartnership Act, 2008, as the case may be;

(v) a Competent Authority;

(vi) a Co-operative Society registered under any law relating to co-operativesocieties;

(vii) a Trust whether public or private;

(viii) any such other entity as the Appropriate Government may, by notification,specify in this behalf;

1.34. “Plot” means parcel of land set apart for development and/or forming part of thesanctioned master plan or a scheme prepared by RSCCL and includes theconstruction there on;

1.35. “Promoter” or “Developer” shall have the same meaning as “promoter” as persection 2 of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016;

1.36. “Property” shall have the same meaning as the term “immovable property” asdefined in section 3 of General Clauses Act, 1897;

1.37. “Property Tax” is the tax applied directly on the property as per rules notified by theState Government from time to time and shall be payable to RSCCL by the propertyowner;

1.38. “RERA” means The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016, includingall its amendments as notified by the Government from time to time;

1.39. “Reserve Price” means the minimum price, below which land shall not be allottedto any allottee by RSCCL;

1.40. “Residential Use” shall mean the use of any land and/or building for purposesdefined in section 13.1.2. of this rule;

1.41. “RSCCL” means Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited;

1.42. “State Government”, unless specified otherwise shall imply the Government ofJharkhand.


BiddingCurrency: Bidding will be conducted in Indian Rupees(INR) only.

  1. Terms and Conditions


A.      General:

  1. The Bidder shall not involve himself or any of his representatives in Price manipulation of any kind directly or indirectly by communicating with other bidders which shall otherwise make him ineligible.
  2. All the residential allotment shall be offered on freehold basis to the allottee with a condition to complete the project within five years and obtain completion certificate.
  3. Except the residential allotments, all other allotments of land (plots) will be done on Leasehold the basis for the period of 99 years.
  4. TheBiddershallnotdivulgeeitherhisBidsoranyotherexclusivedetailsofRanchi Smart City Corporation Limitedorto any other party.
  5. The decision of competent authority of Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited shall be final and binding on all the Bidders.
  6. Ranchi Smart City Corporation LimitedshallnothaveanyliabilitytowardstheBiddersforany interruptionordelayinaccesstothesiteirrespectiveofthecause.
  7. Ranchi Smart City Corporation Limited is not responsible for any damages what so ever, including damages on account of any negligence on their part.
  8. RSCCL will not be held responsible for consequential damages, including but not limited to systems problems, inability tousethesystem,lossofelectronicinformationetc.
  9. NRI are advised to comply with the RBI / FEMA / Indian Income Tax and other laws of land before participating in this bid. RSCCL shall not be responsible for any non?compliance and the risk and cost shall be of that NRI.

B.      Property Specific:

  1. The Bidder is required to study the property specific Terms & Conditions for the proposed Property / Land scheduled for Auction and be satisfied before participating in the Auction process.
  2. The property specific Terms & Conditions shall form the integrated part of the Auction document and the Bidder would be responsible to comply the same.
  3. The prevailing provisions of Jharkhand Smart Cities Land and Other Fixed Assets (Utilization, Allotment and Disposal) Rules, 2019, other relevant Rules, Byelaws, Guidelines, Circulars and Orders of Government of Jharkhand  and/or RSCCL will also be applicable and binding on the Bidders besides the provisions mentioned in this document. If there is any difference in the provisions contained in this document and the above mentioned rules and regulations, the provisions of this document will have the overriding effect to that extent only.
  4. If there is any dispute on interpretation of any of the provisions, the same must be brought into the notice of RSCCL in writing be for at least 3 days of scheduled start Auction date. The decision of RSCCL shall be final and binding.
  5. The Bidder must participate in the Auction process only after being fully satisfied.

Dispute Resolution

Any disputes arising out of this e-Auction shall be subjected to Jurisdiction of Ranchi, Jharkhand (India) Courts only.